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3D Vision Technologies, Ltd. (3DVT) is a company that believes in the power of visualization in 3D directly on mobile devices. At 3DVT, we specialize in extracting 3D data from 2D information. Our proprietary technology enables the creation of Stereo-VR content from Smartphones, Action Cameras, 360 Cameras, and Video Games.  

Our aim is for VR and AR to go mainstream. To do so, they need a friction-free mobile solution which delivers on the promise of 3D, thus providing an immersive user experience which can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The mobile phone is the perfect device for these new communication platforms to go mainstream given in the global market it's the only VR/AR capable device with a built-in camera that exists in any quantity.  

To us, 3D, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality are not gimmicks — but a new form of engaging visual experiences, and marketing.

  Our Goal is to democratize “User-Generated Content”  in various 3D formats directly on mobile devices.

  We believe technology should serve people efficiently, cost-effectively, and add value to people’s daily lives and work. 

This is how 3DVT has achieved the impossible.     



Our solutions are available for iOS, Android, Web, and Cloud platforms. Our Stereo-VR platform enables a conventional smartphone to create and display 2D content in VR in 3D.  Our current focus is on mobility, with applications for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PC coming soon.  


With AR on the horizon as the next communication platform, most companies are looking to bring AR mainstream via Smart Glasses. We believe mobile AR and enterprise AR require different solutions, and need to take human behavior into consideration. 

We believe the mainstream solution for AR will not be Smart Glasses, but Smart Glass. Our AR-3D Smart Glass technology enables a conventional smartphone or tablet to separate the real and the augmented content and display them on separate planes in Autostereoscopic 3D (Glasses-free 3D).  

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